The offbeat life coach helping women and nonbinary people own their individuality, ditch their baggage and survive the storms life throws at them.


It's time to shake off the "rules" of how you should behave, speak up for what you want and create the joyful life you deserve.  

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Work with me...

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Navigating the Storm

Are you feeling a bit lost right now?

The journey through life’s problems can feel lonely and often overwhelming. So join me as I interview incredible women and nonbinary people who’ve moved through the pain and into power. You’ll hear advice from real people who’ve lived the journey, explore tools to change your story, and learn that you’re not alone - everything you need to navigate life’s storms. 

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Port in the Storm 

Our Facebook community will help you handle the hard stuff, and change the things you refuse to accept any more. You’ll get a network of lovely and loving people, friendly ears when you need to unload, and practical strategies that will teach you how to take control of your own life.


It’s a space to share your wins, your challenges, your inspiration and your barriers - we’re all here for all the uncomfortable stuff AND the amazing times too. 


Whatever you’ve been through, wherever you are now, and no matter where you want to go, we’ve got your back.

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Success Stories



After working with Anna, I feel like my confidence levels are significantly better. I am much more organized in my day to day life which is making me feel like I really do ‘have it all together’. I think this comes from a deeper awareness of my own needs



I am making several big life changes and I feel really grounded and secure in each because Anna helped me think them through. She didn’t judge or direct me, she gently and knowingly accompanied me along the way. 

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It is really worth it for you and it will really work. When you don't feel you can function or carry on, doing the coaching can teach you how - but not just to function, you'll learn to flourish!

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