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Chances are you've found your way here because there's something in your life that needs to change. Coaching might not even have crossed your radar before now, and that's okay! If you've heard my story, you'll know that coaching was the key to making the changes I was longing for. 


Coaching can help anyone and everyone - no matter your age, the size of your challenges or the roles you have in your life. It's about leading your own life and making the future you've been secretly dreaming of your reality. 

As your coach, I create a space where you can safely meet yourself (warts and all). I don't judge what you've done in the past - I know you were doing your best with what you had. (I'm also extremely hard to shock!) 


When you know what's going on in your body, spirit, and mind, you can consciously choose what to do next. 

You can create your own freedom.

You can feel energized again.

You can be truly you, confident and shining.


This is your phoenix phase. Your personal rebellion. Your chance to let go of the past, and embrace a vibrant new future. 


It’s time to stop "just surviving" and start shining!

Picture of plant next to sign reading difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

"Think of Anna Knight as your Fairy Godmother. She'll be there right when you're at your lowest ebb, and she'll make sure you SHALL go to the ball. The only difference is she doesn't cast a spell on you to do it - she helps you see you had the magic all along." 


Laura's Testimonial

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Let's make some magic

If you knew that failure was not an option, what would you do with your life?


What could you do if you stopped trying to please everyone else, and stayed true to yourself?


What have you been avoiding trying, in case it didn't work out?

Whose rules are you playing by?

The sky is literally the limit when you make a commitment to yourself - I will be kind to myself, starting right now. Coaching is a fantastic tool to get you from where you are now to a delicious future, filled with confidence and joy. All my coaching programmes are built using these five foundational concepts...

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You already have the answers you need - your body, heart and mind know the score!



Your past does not define you. Create new, loving ways to treat yourself and live your life!



Feel energised, enthusiastic and find the time for what's important to you!



Nurture your passions, claim your strengths and create the incredible life you deserve!



Speak up for yourself, embrace all the different sides of you, and let yourself shine!

Want the details?

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