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Are you ready to start the journey to
Discovering YOU?

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You are designed to be a marvel. The universe and genetics worked together to make this version of you - exactly how you are needed to be for the difference you’re here to make.


A perfectly designed individual. 


But… somewhere along the way you forgot that.


You were taught that you weren’t good enough...


for love


for success


for your dreams.


You learned to shrink, to hide, to pretend - to become less you to feel more acceptable. Keeping a low profile became a survival skill.


You faked it til you made it somewhere, but it all feels a bit precarious, because it isn’t truly authentic. 


Would you love to see that for the BS it really is?

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Discovering YOU is a blend of human design, guided self reflection and group coaching, designed to help you shed that baggage - the conditioning, the traumas, the playing-it-small skillset - and step into the marvel you were born to be. 

Find what brings you joy. 
Own your natural skills. 
Embrace what you call flaws. 

Discover the awesome human you are at your core. No BS, fully amazing. 

What's Included?

TEN weekly private group coaching sessions with Anna Knight

Weekly workbooks for notes and guided reflections 

A private Facebook group for reminders, sharing, inspiration and resources

Insight into your personal human design and how to use it to your advantage

Tools and strategies to support you in Discovering YOU


Pay in Full to receive a 90 minute 1:1 human design debrief or coaching session!

Working with Anna

I've worked with a wonderful selection of women and non-binary people, with a range of backgrounds, challenges and dreams. Here is what they have to say about working with me. 

"I get to see Anna work everyday. She is without a doubt the strongest, most amazing person I have ever met. There are many times when I have learned/thought about the things she has been through that I have wept. For someone to have been through the things she has been through and to come out the other side with a determination to help people is incredible."

Meet Your Coach


Anna Knight

Anna Knight is a soul-finder, flame-fanner and coach, helping women and non-binary people own their individuality, release the past and create the incredible futures they deserve. Using the tools, techniques and skills she learned along her journey, Anna was able to shake off the rules of how a “well-behaved woman” should behave, speak up for what she believed in and create the joyful life she is living today. 

"I shine a light on the spark inside your heart, then hold space for you as you coax it out, giving it a warm coat, a toolbox and nourishment until it's ready to meet the world."

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Discovering YOU starts NOW

Pay in full today and get a BONUS 90-minute 1:1 coaching call or human design debrief


Spread the cost over three monthly instalments


per month

The Small Print

By purchasing through one of the options above, you accept the Terms and Conditions as outlined here.

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