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3 Reasons to get Coaching in a Crisis

I work with a lot of gorgeous people who are at their breaking point. Rock bottom. Crisis mode, just existing, taking everything one day at a time (or even one minute at a time). Have you ever had one of those weeks, months or even years where everything goes wrong at once? Sometimes its awful situations happening - bam bam bam - one after the other. Maybe it’s a slow accumulation of “stuff” until everything around you is chaos. Is your body too tired to dig yourself out of the mess you’re in?

What the hell do you do next?

Been there, done that, the t-shirt is probably at the bottom of the washing basket…

That’s where I was before beginning my One of Many journey. Love - don’t even go there. Vitality - nil. Satisfaction - limited. Money - low. Network - MIA. But I wasn’t doing anything about it. Every day I got up, went to work, came home, fed myself, went to bed - rinse and repeat. I wasn’t really sleeping, but my bed was the place I felt safest so that’s where I stayed. Social media scrolling until late at night. Alive, but not living.

This was, I realise now, my ‘Phoenix phase’. The dark night I would go through and grow through. But the change just didn’t start coming, and I didn’t know why. Things only started to shift when I got coaching.

How does coaching help?

One of my recent coachees, Martha, said this: “a coach’s job is to teach you new ways of thinking and experiencing the world around you.” It’s not about adding to your load, it's about giving you new tools to get things done in a more productive, calmer, effective way. Here are my top three reasons why coaching is for crisis points…


1. When you’re in a hole, a coach helps you stop digging.

We all know that we should just get up and do the thing. Avoiding the pile of bills that need paying, or the telephone call you just can’t face, or cleaning the kitchen adds to how shitty we feel, but where do you find the oomph to do it?

A coach helps you get clear on what the priorities are. When you clear away all the confusion, you can identify the one thing today that will make a big difference. One thing is much easier to start than thirty!

2. When you’re in a hole, a coach gives you a way out.

You might not be able to see how to make changes in your life, but there is a route there if you just have the right methods. We don’t get taught these things in school (unfortunately!) - we are just expected to muddle through with no instructions.

A coach gives you a structure to follow. What if there was a 10 step process to get you out of the bad place and actually moving? Sounds amazing, right?! I’ve got one in my toolbox just waiting for you to reach!

3. When you’re in a hole, a coach will check in with you.

Feeling overwhelmed is a lonely place. It’s hard to let even your nearest and dearest in - there’s a shame spiral that goes alongside hard times - but that can feel really lonely.

Your coach will care about you. When I’m coaching someone, I don’t care how “bad things have gotten” - I’m not here to judge and honestly, I’ve probably heard a lot of stories like yours (and worse). My role is to hold the space for you to find your own power, and that means connection. It might be a message at the end of a hard day to find out how you got on, or a chance to vent.


So if what you need is someone to say “that’s really shit” and then give you easy ways to climb back up again, I’m here. Drop me a message, and let’s get started.

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