Blame it on the moon madness!

It’s a full moon tonight. I feel a ritual coming on... A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that - I had entrenched myself in the mundane and the moon was just a lump of rock orbiting the earth to me. I’d have probably had a massive internal cringe at anyone who told me there was anything more significant to it that a feature of physics and the engine for the tides.

A few decades ago, I would have told you all about the sad lady who lives in the moon. The lady who watched over us all, with tears in her eyes, and if you told her happy stories then maybe you could maybe make her smile. I have vivid memories of sitting in the back of my Dad’s J reg Rover looking at her, spinning stories in my head to pass the long car journeys we took between the South West and the North East.

Time, and our experiences, create these big shifts in our beliefs over time. Some are necessary, some are helpful, and I believe some of them make things life feel a bit bleaker. The years where I only believed in the mundane, the explicable and the “reasonable” were years without colour (and hope!)

Waking my inner sorceress back up was one of the best things I’ve done for myself on this journey. Who doesn’t need a bit of magic now and then?!

Inner who now?

Our inner sorceress is that part of us that is open to magic and miracles. She’s the flashes of intuition we get, telling us to DO THE THING (or sometimes, to avoid the thing at all costs). She’s connected to something bigger than us. For some people, that is their faith. For others, its the swoop in their belly when they stand somewhere gorgeous in nature and feel the glorious mix of awe and humility - “I am small and the world is beautiful”. It might even be your belief in physics, or mechanics, or probability fills the gap.

I feel her every time I’m running late for something, and every traffic light on my journey turns green just when I need it to. When I pick up my phone to send someone a message, just to see they’ve reached out to me first. When I need help and a virtual stranger offers it without hesitation (hi Lisa!). And when I sit down with a tarot deck and get just the kick up the arse I need.

Tarot? Like Psychics do??

Picking up a tarot deck from my local Waterstones was one of my first steps into reclaiming my belief in the “other”. Now, I’m not going to tell you that the cards prophesied that a tall dark stranger would come and sweep me off my feet. The letter J has never sprung to my mind, and I haven’t had any messages from my ancestors. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you have!)

What tarot mainly gives me is a window into the inner workings of my brain. I pose a question (think more “what do I need to learn about x” than “who is my one true love”), find a spread on Pinterest, and draw my cards. The messages that come up give me a prompt to consider my life from new angles, or create emotional reactions to let me know if I’m in line with my values. It’s like a mini-coaching session I can give to myself.

Sometimes, the messages reach into the uncanny. For two years, every single reading I did, The Fool came up. I tried different decks of cards, layouts, questions, and there he was, grinning at me from the spread. For those of you that don’t know, one way of summing up his message is “take the leap of faith”. Although, after two years (and forty-nine appearances - I counted), it was probably more of a yell than a suggestion. I eventually did the big scary thing, and I haven’t seen him in my readings since.

And other times, the meaning is so obscure it can take me ages to decide on a meaning for it. A couple of weeks ago, when pondering “what I need to let go”, I drew The Lovers. The card of attraction, good decisions, sex and soulmates. I did NOT want to give up any of those things! I spent a few days thinking about it (and consulting my support network for some outside perspective) and found something that felt true - it wasn’t those things I needed to release, it was my lack of trust in their permanence.

Enhancing the magic…

I haven’t always made enough time for my decks. So here’s my plan: I’m drawing one card a week and posting it on my insta with some wisdom for myself, and some questions for you lovely lot; and I’m doing a full spread every full moon.

So here’s a question for you - what could you do today to wake up your inner sorceress?

(If you can’t find her, why not give me a call?)

If what you’ve read resonates with you, here are two easy steps you can take today:


It’s time to take control of your future




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