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New Year / Same Me!

Good morning lovely people. I’m feeling inspired this morning by all the fresh air and fresh energy that this New Year has brought us. Even though it’s the deepest depths of winter, there’s a teasing hint of spring in the air. The sun is shining, birds are out singing, and I’m feeling the call to change.

Making New Years’ resolutions is time-honoured, tested and T I R E D. I’ve set them year in, year out, and had the fizzle mid-January when I start hitting some goals. I get a little smug, a lot complacent, and the drive to change is gone by the time February comes calling. I blame my motivation…

Let me walk you through how it works for me... When I set myself a goal, my success levels are set right from the outset by whether I’m moving towards something I want, or away from something I reject. It’s why weight loss programmes are hard for me: I don’t want to look unappealing, I don’t want people to comment on my weight, I don’t want to feel bad about my curves. The obvious answer - diet. Less obvious - when I start to see results, those reasons lessen, my effort dips and the (gluten-free) cakes come calling my name.

Towards is a much stronger way to start. For example, these were my intentions at the start of 2017:

I was moving towards the things I wanted, and I had a monumental year. Not “good” by any conventional definition, but the change was impressive. I set firm boundaries with people who treated me badly. I reached out for the help I needed to get back into my soft power. I like to think Carrie Fisher would have approved.

And best of all - I found my mission in life. Sounds like a pretty good year, right?

So on the first step into 2020, here are my intentions.

MOVE TOWARDS - I want to keep the flow going, making conscious choices towards the things I truly want to have in my life. I want to think about the whys, knowing that I am moving towards a better, brighter, more vital future.

BE AUTHENTIC - I want to be truly myself, warts and all. My authentic self may not be for everyone, but it is for me, and that’s who counts, right?

STAY CONNECTED - I want to spend more time in the present with the people I love. That means putting down my phone when I’m with a loved one, or picking it up to reach out with those near and dear to me who live over the sea and across the miles. I want to collaborate with people who excite me, and who can help me grow something bigger.

PLAY - I want to approach the year with a sense of light-hearted play. There are a million things to do, but there’s always a way to bring a juicy sense of fun to the day.

REMAIN ETHICAL - I want to live a life in accordance with my inner values. We only get one shot at life, and we’ve only got one planet. Do no harm (while taking no shit).

Let’s make 2020 a good one, gorgeous people!

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