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Olive's journey to finding balance

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Olive created the balance she craved in her home and work lives. Before coaching, she "wasn't really present" but after I guided her through the 'One of Many' strategies, she feels more capable to be the mum, partner and businesswoman she wants to be! Her message to you? "It's a really gentle approach that feels very personal and applicable to wherever you're at in life."

How was your life before the programme?

I was returning from maternity leave as a self-employed person, having to shift my focus so that work could fit better around family life, feeling unconfident and uncertain in what this was going to look like and how I was going to make it work. I was finding it quite hard to be present on the days  I spent with my children as I often felt there was more I should always be doing.

Why did you decide to do it?

I’d wanted to look into and invest in coaching for a while and this seemed like a great opportunity to work with Anna.

Did you have any objections before starting?

On the one hand, I knew I really wanted coaching, but on the other hand, would sometimes try to talk myself out of it and I knew that my track record of committing to things like this wasn’t great.

What’s the biggest result so far?

I’ve had lots of insights into myself and brought to the surface some of the deep unquestioned beliefs I’ve carried for years that have really held me back and stopped me going for what I really want in life. My confidence is so much greater then it used to be, and I’m much more willing to just go for stuff even at the risk of failing.

What tools have made the biggest difference?

"Morning pages" and journaling has been a total revelation. I loved the planning session we did - it has helped me so much in terms of moving forward in aligned action.

How is life now?

Much more integrated! What surprised me was how it was the deep underlying beliefs I had were affecting every part of my life, and becoming aware of and doing the work to address these is making a difference to every area of my life. I’m much more able to be really present and enjoy the time I spend with my children and be the mother I want to be, more able to create a good balance and partnership in my relationship, and more able to work on developing the big vision I hold for my work.

What would you say to someone thinking of doing this programme?

I got much more from it then I expected.  I found when I fully engaged with the process I got a lot from it. It's a really balanced, gentle approach that feels very personal and applicable to wherever you're at in life.

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