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Support the Port - business directory

If you didn't already know, we run a growing Facebook community called "Port in the Storm". We help each other handle the hard stuff and change the things we refuse to accept any more. The group is a network of lovely and loving people, friendly ears when you need to unload, and practical strategies that will teach you how to take control of your own story. We’re all here for all the uncomfortable stuff AND the amazing times too.

If you're already member, then you might have noticed some posts we've done over the last few months. We've been busy gathering all our creators, leaders and helpers together. In our community, there are some flippin' phenomenal women and nonbinary people out there running small businesses in spite of the global pandemic. What a group of badasses!

How can we support them right now?

"Dollar spending" is the idea that every time we spend money, it's a vote for our values. Shopping small and local is a great way of supporting communities and individuals, but sometimes it can feel difficult to source something when Amazon is *right there*. So we've taken the hard work out of it by bringing them all together in one handy post.

Who is out there then?

Stephanie Ward VA - Here are some of the things Steph can help you with... writing tailored training courses, co-ordinating services and making phone calls, creating administrative documents, bringing order to your business by creating bespoke systems, proofreading, social media and much more! Rates start at £20 per hour depending on services required. (Check Steph out on our podcast if you want to get to know her first!)

Kendra Wooley at Hays Travel - As a Personal Travel Consultant with Hays Travel, Kendra is able to book holidays, business travel, attraction tickets and so much more. She has access to package holidays like TUI and Jet2 and she can also build bespoke packages to meet your personal needs. Booking with Kendra takes the stress out of holiday planning!

IzzyWizzyRoo - handmade cloth sanitary protection and eco friendly, zero-waste products. Alison is passionate about all things period, and her fabric choices change period products from blah into fabulous!

Caz Thompson - Caz is a cookbook writing, craft making, radio show hosting, honestly blogging, mental health first aid training wonder of a woman. Follow her for food, plus size clothing ideas, mental health and rants. Her recipe book is a goldmine, and I have it on good authority that there's another one on the way!

Sister Shack CIC - a black-led, feminist Community Interest Company (CIC) that works with and promotes women entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, musicians and DJs. They also highlight and discuss issues faced by women and aim to provide information and guidance. They regularly run online and in-person markets, so keep your eyes peeled! The founder, Chantal, is an absolute powerhouse - check their podcast episode out here!

Therapeeze Therapy Tools to Thrive - Therapeeze provide therapeutic strategies, guidance and advice to families who have children with additional needs. They ensure support, therapeutic advice and activities are affordable and accessible for all. (Kate is one of the best Occupational Therapists around - the Speech Therapist in me can't recommend her highly enough!)

Liz Taylor Tech Consultancy - With over 30 years of experience in tech, Liz is equipped to help you with whatever you need to get everything technology has to offer you in growing your business. From getting the setup just right for your live streams to troubleshooting that nagging issue, no technical problem is too big or too small, too serious or too trivial.

Icy Sedgwick - an incredible novelist! Check out her YA supernatural adventure novel that has gone down very well with readers: the feisty heroine must team up with a Cavalier ghost to prevent the dead from taking over the world of the living! It deals with themes around teen loneliness, making friends, and standing up to bullies The teens (or adults) you know may enjoy it!

Amy Marie Gladding - our most recent podcast guest! Amy produces phenomenal art pieces that explore the natural world and changing landscapes. She says that documenting her surroundings is part of the process to find a sense of place in the world. Her work is experimental and spans many art forms, often merging analogue photography with art and design techniques. (I'm in love with her painted polaroids!!)

The Soapy Life of a Squaddie Wife - Relax and Recharge with Keiron - bath products and home fragrance from a very small family run business. Two ladies make everything by hand, including bath bombs, fairy dust soap bars, whipped soaps wax melts and more.

Steel River Crafts - handmade gifts and accessories for all ages. Sarah specialises in making something just for you (like your favourite animal as a brooch). Contact her for details.

Skills4Parents - Liz empowers parents to know how to help their child with GCSE maths. She has just published a guide to learning styles, so you can help your child learn well! It has questionnaires to identify your young person’s preferences, explanations of and strategies for three key styles, and guidance for revision and future options. (Liz was on the podcast too!)

Sarah Jane Brewster Art - resin creations and fine art paintings. You definitely need to check out her range of resin cake stands and coasters! Sarah also does custom orders, so if you have a specific style or colour in mind, drop her a message!

Sew Gneiss - Sam is a Geologist and teacher who loves to create handcrafted clothes, crafts and accessories with minimum waste and maximum upcycling. She loves to sew, knit and crochet, turning her ideas and inspirations into items that will be loved, worn and enjoyed.

Gayle's Great Adventurers - Usborne books for children from birth to teen (and adults can enjoy them too!) Gayle has over 3000 books available!

Complex Connexions - they deliver workshops for parents and teachers of children with challenging behaviour and often neurodiverse conditions, to help them understand their children's behaviour, strengthen their relationship and learn how best to support them.

Leena Graham - Empowerment Mentor - Learn body and self-awareness and you will be empowered with tools and insight on how to make positive and meaningful changes in your life.

The Female Money Doctor - Dr Nikki Ramskill is on a mission to help you to feel calm, confident and in control of money. Let's end the fear and get you on the path to freedom. If you have money challenges to work on (whether that's debt or how to invest), Nikki can help you build wealth and change the world! Her new 'Healthy Money Planner' comes highly recommended by community members!

I'll keep adding to this list all the time, so keep checking back here for new additions!

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