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It has always been extremely important to me that the right resources get into the hands of the people that need them. Keep checking back for new tools, techniques and links. 

Some of the resources on this page are free - a gift from me to you, purely because it's too good to keep to myself or put behind a paywall. 

Other things here have a cost attached (like the motivational art and any books available through our bookshop). All the money raised through these sales goes into a pot to provide low-cost and no-cost coaching services to women and non-binary people who have experienced trauma or have disabilities, who are not able to invest financially in their personal development right now. If money is tight but you're ready for change, please reach out using our contact form. 

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"Anna is so skilled and has so many tools in her toolbox. The way she whips out exactly the right tool for whatever I am going through that week is amazing and she has helped me to open so many doors I knew very well but didn't know how to open!" 


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Free workbooks

Front cover of workbook - your body is your compass

A lot of the people I work with say that they feel completely detached from their bodies - they feel like brains being propelled around the world by something disconnected from themselves. This disconnect happens for so many reasons - some cultural, some personal, and some we pick up during the experiences we survive. We learn to check in with our brains, but not our bodies.


Learning to listen to your body can help you in so many ways - from getting control over your health to putting in healthy boundaries and learning to say no. It lets us rest when we need to, and nourish ourselves as needed. Your intuition can help you suss out a situation before your conscious mind gets there. 


This guide will give you an idea of where to start. It contains a simple tool to work out what's going on inside, and another to work out what to do with the information you find. Finally, there's a handy guide to presenting unexplained medical symptoms to your doctor in a powerful way. 

Front cover of workbook - find your inner queen

Have you ever felt like you don't have any boundaries and the people around you rarely show you any respect. You might find it difficult to make decisions, spending hours going over all the options but doubting your ability to make the right decision. It can feel disheartening working tireless for the people you love and feeling like you are the lowest of people's priorities (including your own!)

When you embrace and embody your inner queen, you learn how to be comfortable taking charge and moving you and your people into the incredible futures you can imagine. You can feel serene, graceful, and wise. You can put in boundaries and minimise any pushback because you know what to say and how to say it. 


This guide will give you three tools to find your voice, learn to embody your inner queen, and put boundaries in place that are both firm and loving. The more you practice these, the more you'll feel cool, calm and in control. Start saying goodbye to guilt today!

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