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Chances are you've found your way here because there's something in your life that needs to change. Coaching might not even have crossed your radar before now, and that's okay! ​I believe that coaching is a tool that can help anyone and everyone - no matter your age, the size of your challenges or the roles you have in your life. 

A coach is, at their core, someone who creates a place where you can safely meet yourself (warts and all). We don't care what you've done in the past to survive harder times. We don't pass judgement. We are extremely hard to shock. A good coach helps you learn what's going on in your body, your spirit and your brain and then helps you choose what to do with what you've found out. 

You might feel like you’re stuck in the fire right now, but you can create your own freedom. You can feel energized again. You can be truly you, in all your unique and imperfect glory. 


This is your phoenix phase. Your personal rebellion. Your chance to let go of the past, and embrace a vibrant new future. 


It’s time to stop "just surviving" and start shining!

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"Think of Anna Knight as your Fairy Godmother. She'll be there right when you're at your lowest ebb, and she'll make sure you SHALL go to the ball. The only difference is she doesn't cast a spell on you to do it - she helps you see you had the magic all along." 


Laura's Testimonial

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Let's make some magic

It can feel amazing to leave your old, negative beliefs about yourself behind, and replace them with new, stronger, loving beliefs.


Just think about what you could do, if you left that inner critic behind and instead chose power. If you stopped trying to please everyone else and stayed true to yourself. The sky is literally the limit when you make that commitment to yourself - I will be kind to myself, starting right now. 

1:1 coaching is a fantastic tool to get you from where you are now to a delicious future filled with peace, confidence and joy. To explore what coaching can do for you, here's some options to get you started...


Are you running on autopilot - getting through one day at a time and relying on (sometimes bad) habits to cope?


Time to tune in to your emotions, body feelings, reactions and thoughts. All the answers are inside you!


Are you feeling like you never have enough time, energy or willpower to make changes? 


Time to refill your tank, make time appear "out of nowhere" and get some much-needed brain space. Every action starts with this stage!


Are you carrying around heavy baggage - letting events from your past and old emotions affect how you are acting now?


Time to let go of old beliefs and turn down the volume on your inner critic. You are both loved and lovable!


Are you finding decisions difficult - you agonise over every single detail but find it impossible to make a choice without second guessing yourself?


Time to take charge of your own life with confidence. 

You can handle pretty much anything!


Are you hiding your shine - making yourself small and biting your tongue to fit in, please others and feel safe?


Time to speak up for yourself, embrace your story and your personality, and live the life you deserve. Your potential is limitless!

Shining Through the Storms

Our brand new membership programme! 

All members get access to the following:

  • mini-courses to help you heal and grow

  • exclusive sessions with Anna and other experts

  • online support from a coach

  • an ever-growing library of resources you can use any time

  • access to a community of lovely and loving people

There are two ways to join!


OPTION ONE: Everyone who books one to one coaching with me receives free access to the community for one year.

OPTION TWO: click the button below to become a monthly subscriber and access all of the above for £35 a month.

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