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Space to Shine

Free Online Retreat

29th May 2021

I believe that every single person I have met contains limitless potential. No matter where you are, or where you're starting from, there are the seeds of a legacy within you right now. 

Your legacy is what lives on from the seeds you planted during your lifetime. It doesn't have to be world-changing (although that's fun too) - it can be as simple as living an amazing life and what that incredible life inspires in the people around you. 

BUT... (there's always a but in these things, isn't there?!) there's a barrier that trips so many of us up: people-pleasing. 

Do you make time for your needs, or put everyone around you first (and shuffle yourself down the priority list)?

Do you keep quiet when someone crosses a line - avoiding conflict but constantly obsessing about it in your head?

Do you treat yourself to the lovely things in life, or are you always eating the slightly burnt food or the mangled cake slice so that everyone else has a perfect plate?

Do you give yourself space to shine?

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"Very useful information and very well delivered. Really made me think how to help myself get through tough times.”  


Kieron's Event Testimonial 

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Event details

Join us for an afternoon of joy, fun and healing. Here, we're creating YOUR space to shine. 

The event is part celebration, part invitation. Are you ready to take the next steps into living the amazing future you deserve?

If you're not sure how to move from survival mode into that shiny future, we've got you covered. I'll be leading you through how to gracefully set boundaries (and stick to them), help you heal from past events that are tripping you up, and we'll create a beautiful vision of what your life could be like. Sound good?

On top of all that, we also have sessions with inspiring guests who have been on a coaching journey themselves. Join us for:

  • Making menstruating work for you - Alison Matthews - founder of Izzywizzyroo and magical period wizard (seriously!)

  • Mindful doodling for your wellbeing - Sarah Falconer - amazing artist, even better human, find her at Steel River Crafts

  • Making change, the badass way - Steph Ward - CEO at  Jack Ward Inclusion Initiative and our favourite productivity guru

  • Creative thinking for enthusiastic living - Mel Robinson - photographer/graphic designer/tech genius/racoon enthusiast

  • More guest hosts to be announced

No upcoming events at the moment
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